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Latest HMI inspection evidence report extract from one of SchoolsCompany’s school improvement contracts being delivered in an inner London school in special measures (Feb and July 2013)

'The school has responded quickly to these lower-than-expected results by working in partnership with SchoolsCompany to step up some fundamental actions to promote rapid improvement across the curriculum, particularly in mathematics'

'One of the key strategies to accelerate students’ progress is the emphasis being placed on students acquiring good examination techniques. Analyses of internal tests and examination results in Key Stages 2, 3 and 4 show that weaknesses in literacy skills often lead to students misinterpreting questions. Consequently, there is now more attention to highlighting literacy skills across the curriculum. For example, the mathematics department is analysing examination questions and clarifying misconceptions when tutoring students'

'Most notably, SchoolsCompany have begun to play an important role in strengthening the capacity of leaders at all levels to drive and embed some of the most basic changes that underpin good schools. Straightforward and robust actions have been introduced to develop good teaching practice, monitor students’ progress and highlight how staff should be held to account for students’ progress. Training for the extended leadership team is underway and joint work with teachers is enabling students to have extra tuition in order to improve results. Leaders and managers at all levels are positive about the changes primarily as there is a shared view that prevailing practices are unacceptable. Teachers are clear that the demands on them have begun to make a difference to their approach to teaching. Senior leaders have responded well to the support from the education management company'

'Together, they have re-structured the senior team so that skills are more carefully matched to duties. Senior leaders have received additional management training. Consequently, systems for monitoring, including performance management, have been strengthened – targets for staff to achieve are sharper. Training on using assessment information and, developing leadership and management skills at all levels has been delivered. Additionally, departments supporting students with either special educational needs, and/or learning English as an additional language, have been streamlined. Systems for analysing data have been simplified and the inclusion team has been re-established'

'Of great significance is the work of the education management company. The joint strategic work on developing senior leaders has had a direct impact on strengthening basic systems. This has contributed to senior leaders being more robust in using monitoring to have difficult conversations with teachers about students’ progress'

As described by Headteachers, local authorities and inspectors

'Outstanding consultancy, influential and effective'

Senior School Improvement Adviser – Northamptonshire Local Authority

'Outstanding leadership and school management input. Settled and purposeful lessons with evidence of student progress and good examples of interactive learning. Learning aims, objectives and quality resources consistently used. Considerable cultural and curriculum development throughout. The leadership support in the school is influential and effective'

Headteacher, Lambeth School

'We have been impressed well beyond our expectations, the support we have received is nothing short of outstanding'

Strategic Leader – School Improvement Team, London Borough of Lewisham

'The schools were very impressed with the work and professionalism from the whole team. Total commitment and drive to ensure the best outcomes for students are consistently delivered. The quality of teaching has been instrumental to the success of the students and this has been down to the high quality, world class training and coaching provided by the SchoolsCompany team'


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